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First Aid for Heat Cramps

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Author: Prepare Now

     Heat cramps, irrelevant of the type and place of cramp in our body, are very painful. And if not dealt seriously can lead to something critical such as heat stroke as well. It is better to deal in the initial stage itself rather doing the exercise after complications have occurred. Heat Cramps generally occur in the calf muscles, abdomen and back.

What causes heat cramps?

      Places of high temperature and humidity result in loss of body fluids or excessive sweating which in turn crops up into dehydration. Too much of exercise to the body can also lead to heat cramps. Various reasons like use of alcohol, or disturbance in the function of sweat glands can also cause heat cramps. After relating the causes, one can come upon the conclusion that imbalance in body fluids contributes to heat cramps.

First Aid for heat cramps

• Firstly the temperature should be lowered. Either take the person to a relatively cooler place or arrange to cool the place where the first aid to the person is to be given. Try to lower the body temperature by applying cool packs or ice packs.

• If the person is in a conscious state, juice or mixture of salt with water can be given to the person to prevent dehydration.

• Remove excess clothes on the body. Light clothing is preferred in hot temperature places.

• Gently massage the affected area with some pain relieving gel or ointment for relief from pain.

      If the person does not show any signs of relief, immediately call for medical aid. If vomiting and nausea persists, it is better to administer for medical help or rush to the hospital. In extreme cases, heat cramps lead to heat exhaustion which in turn leads to heat stroke where chances of the failure of the body organs are more. As the saying goes"Prevention is better than cure", one should always be well hydrated by intake of water and juices in hot temperature zones.

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First Aid for Heat Cramps
Heat cramps, irrelevant of the type and place of cramp in our body, are very painful. And if not dea...